so, here we all are…

…working from home. (If we are lucky enough to still have a job, and one that we can do from home.)

Before the self-isolation properly started, I made myself a list of 14 things to do in 14 days, should it catch the sodding virus. (#sodyoucovid19 – I want to use other words, but this is me attempting to be a little restrained.)

Turns out, those 14 things were wildly optimistic and since our office shut down on Tuesday (March 24, 2020), I have been working on step 1: set up a home office/menu plan/some sort of exercise schedule.

Planning Lisa knew this would be vital. In The Moment Lisa set up her home office (twice – the first location did not work out as planned*), vaguely stuck to a menu plan and in the spare hours, retreated to her couch and balcony with a book/smartphone/TV. This means that Sunday Lisa is a bit stiff and sore.

Before we were sent home, I also did some reading and chatted to some work-from-home friends and they had some top tips to share:

  1. have a set workspace
  2. make and stick to a work routine
  3. have a work dress code
  4. take regular breaks
  5. get out for some greenery if you can
  6. realise that you will get distracted
  7. setting a finish time is as important as setting a start time.

Now I’ve tackled number 1 twice, I think I’ll be better at number 7. Time to work on the suggestions in between.


* I thought my dining room table would be perfect. Better light, airy, easy access to the Wee Beastie (my coffee machine), and it was all of those things. It also turns out that this meant my desk was in sight almost constantly. By Saturday, I was thoroughly sick of this state of affairs and now I am trying out the spare bedroom.


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