new resource for feral comms…

Okay, I could maybe have worded that intro a little differently but I’m sure everyone knew I was talking about communication about feral animals, not that comms can be feral. No? Oh well, to the new resource…

The Behaviourally Effective Communications for Invasive Animals Management: A Practical Guide has been published this week. Its authors are: Donald W. Hine, Dr Patty Please, Lynette McLeod from the University of New England and Aaron Driver of Content Logic.

The guide covers:

  • engaging audiences
  • linking communication goals to behaviours
  • knowing your audience
  • messengers
  • framing messages
  • activating values
  • moving the herd
  • using prompts
  • dual process models
  • telling a story
  • debunking misinformation
  • matching strategy to perceived benefits and barriers
  • evaluation.

You can download this handy resource online here at the Invasive Animals CRC.

Tiny note: I was one of those lucky enough to review the document during its development.

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