one bad day

Here’s an unsurprising admission: I am an ABC junkie – TV, radio, online, it’s all good.

Today, I was spending a lazy Sunday lunch watching Landline (ABC TV) (that’s an hour-long rural television news program here in Australia) and in an interview with a chef about the resurgence of the Hereford breed, he had a really interesting line about the consumer (you and me) valuing the knowledge that the beast only has one bad day, right before it ends up on the plate.

And I thought, isn’t that what we all want? We all want to have just one bad day. I hear you, not every day can be good. We’re going to have bad days. There will be tragedy, betrayal, loss, grief, disappointment.

How do we, however, make sure our good days far outnumber the bad days that precede that final one? For me, that’s starting with what makes a good day for me, and sometimes that requires a little selfishness. I’m an introvert and there really are days when I simply cannot face conversation, not even at the supermarket checkout line. So on those days, what makes “good” for me is the knowledge that I can stay home, read, noodle around on the internet, tackle some chores or start/finish a project. Or I can at least look forward to a carving out at least an hour to do that!

What makes a good day for me also changes from day-to-day. If I decided a good day was all about everything going exactly my way, well, I’d just be setting myself up for disappointment. So on work days, a good day is one when I’ve ticked something/s off my list, I’ve contributed to a happy work place and I’ve had a moment to pause in the sun. On weekends, a good day is when I’ve had time with a good book, coffee or lunch with friends. On holidays, it’s all about winding down, refreshing and recharging.

What makes a good day for you?

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