it’s about how we listen

I had the chance to attend a USQ Salon Series this month, with the State Library of Queensland’s 2016 Creative in Residence Dr Matt Finch.

Now, apart from working out how  I can get a business card with a title that fun, I’ve also been working on how I listen, to colleagues, stakeholders and myself, all because I don’t deliberately consider conversations as a form of different worlds touching.

What would I hear if I was totally in the moment for conversations, if I understood what the cadence of those footsteps meant before they reached my door, or what my pot plants were trying to tell me they needed before their death from under-watering/over-watering/too little sun/too much sun?

Fav quote of the presentation: everything has to be acknowledged, listened to, and questioned.

You can find links to the recorded session here.

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