lessons from a dog

One of my colleagues regularly brings her dog into the office. It’s no real overstatement to say this is a fabulous beast: her ears are perfect to pat when you need to de-stress, she plays a mean game of tug-o-war and she is a wonderful teacher.

Lesson #1

Take the time to not just lie on the grass but actively rub yourself all over it. Seriously, this dog loves the lawn and she doesn’t miss an opportunity to act on that.

#Act on your passions, daily if possible.

Lesson #2

On a chilly day, find a sunny spot, make sure it’s got the warmest ground cover (the bitumen in the carpark is perfect) and flatten yourself out to soak up some rays.

#Find what comforts you and unashamedly bask.

Lesson #3

Everyone is a possible new friend, and should be greeted with a wagging tail.

#Smile when you meet people (but always trust your judgement on this one).

Lesson #4

Door snakes make excellent toys, as do stones, random sticks and fallen avocados.

#You don’t need the latest glittery thing to have fun, you just need to have fun with what you have.

Lesson #4a

Only a cute dog can get away with taking someone else’s door snake, especially in winter when you really, really need to stop all draughts. Best not to translate that theft to human life.

#Be nice and return stolen door snakes.

Lesson #5

There is a definite time to go home and a good dog will provide you with gentle reminders (and outright nudges) if you miss that time.

#Be sure to listen when someone is reminding you of what’s important.

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