r u ok?

It's R U OK day, which means it's time to turn to the person next to you and start a conversation. While R U OK is a a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging all Australians to regularly and meaningfully ask anyone struggling with life, "are you ok?" I encourage you to be sure to regularly … Continue reading r u ok?

community engagement toolbox

Are you involved in community engagement? Old hand or thrown-in-the-deep-end? The Community Engagement Toolbox being developed by Penn State and Project 4E1 is a great resource no matter how long you have (or haven't) been doing engagement work. It's got tools, planning advice and links to an amazing host of resources (American and Australian). The … Continue reading community engagement toolbox

it’s amazing what people remember

It's easy to forget in this age of newer, more now, don't bore me with detail, what did you just say, that your communication can have a long-lasting impact. I was given a Friday afternoon reminder today. I was having a quite intense and wide-ranging conversation with a regional colleague that started with something I … Continue reading it’s amazing what people remember

lessons from Upworthy

Why is it that I always find something interesting in magazines while I’m flying? Reading the latest edition of the Renegade Collective (which I admit to finding interesting in all circumstances, not just when on a short, domestic flight with limited inflight entertainment), I came across an article on Upworthy. In the article, Upworthy managing editor Sara Critchfield had what … Continue reading lessons from Upworthy